All in One: PACKONE – WERIT Ticket Service

Ensuring sustainability and efficiency for your supply chain. The WERIT Ticket System provides access at your fingertips to the free return of containers or pick-up of your used and empty IBCs.

It doesn't matter what model or brand your container is – we are more than happy to take back your used and residually emptied IBC.

IBC Eco-label/Recycling codes

Collection point
Contact person
Desired date of loading
300 litre IBC
600 Liter IBC
800 Liter IBC
1000 Liter IBC

Basic Conditions

We accept all well-known standard IBC brands!

  • Please verify that your IBCs are in compliance with the return conditions set out overleaf.
  • Provide the IBCs ready for pick-up by PACKONE including all required documents. Quantities indicated in the PACKONE Ticket must be the same as the number of units according to shipping documents. Loading will be done by the consignor.
  • Collections will be made from 4 IBCs (Norway and Sweden from 8 IBCs). Collections will be made – without prior notice – within 30 days upon receipt of the written form of the PACKONE Ticket. If IBLs of size 300 l are registered for collection, the minimum quantity is 8 IBCs (Norway and Sweden 16 IBCs).
  • The PACKONE Ticket service is valid in the following regions: Norway (South of Steinkjer), Sweden (South of Gävle), Finland (South of Lahti), United Kingdom, Denmark, BeNeLux, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy (North of Rome-Ancona), Spain, Portugal, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovenia. For all unlisted countries and regions, as well as all islands, special return conditions apply.
  • The collector is entitled to invoice the consignor any costs (transport, residues...) deriving from non-compliant collections.
  • By signing this, the consignor declares his consent to the return conditions and ensures that the IBCs intended for return comply with the return conditions.

Return conditions

  • The consignor agrees that the collection of the IBCs is provided by the PACKONE Collect network.
  • The IBC must be completely empty, that is drip-dry, free of trickles and scraped carefully.
  • All original closures and outlet fittings must be tightly closed.
  • Label plates must be installed properly and remain fully functional.
  • The proper original labelling must include specifications of the last filling product, meeting the valid transport regulations and the law on hazardous substances.
  • The original UN labelling of the IBC must be visible and valid.
  • Pallet and metal frame must be in reusable condition, that is not being deformed and or broken as well as they must not show any signs of oxidation damage. The inner bottle must be undamaged.
  • The IBC must not have been used for purposes other than intended or filled with other filling goods than mentioned on the labels.
  • IBCs emptied from mutagen and/or carcinogen products can only be accepted by a previous special agreement.
  • IBCs emptied from toxic residues according to the ADR/RID regulations or Hazardous Materials Regulations can only be accepted after previous decontamination resp. neutralisation.
  • A decontaminated IBC has to be labelled as such (label, imprint, certification mark, etc.)
  • In cases of highly irritating or strong smelling filling products, the decontamination of the IBC will be requested from the consignor.
  • In all of the cases specified above, the proof of decontamination has to be presented along with the IBC. The consignor will present the corresponding material safety data sheets (MSDS) of the recent filling goods on demand.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to accept used IBCs posing a potential health and / or environmental hazard.
  • The examination of the compliance of the return conditions mentioned above as well as the grading of the packaging will be done at the reconditioner’s site. This grading is binding.
  • The consignor explicitely accepts to pay the following costs for IBCs that do not accord to the mentioned return conditions, as follows:
    • Freight cost (pro rata transport costs for collection and return)
    • Material disposal (currently 50 € per IBC)
    • Disposal cost for any residual substances. (currently 1,75 € / kg)
    • The consignor of the ticket will be charged for transport costs that occurred due to futile journeys.
  • The consignor is responsible for the correct and complete loading of the IBCs.